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Stray Count Emily Cowgill 2020-03-27
Diet Necessity Emily Cowgill 2020-03-26
Surrogate the Pigeon Emily Cowgill 2020-03-19
Settle the Trait (1) Emily Cowgill 2020-03-13
Cup the Way Emily Cowgill 2020-03-10
Stink the Cray (4) Emily Cowgill 2020-03-08
with closed eyes Jer 2009-07-16
your heavy heart (senryu)pic Jer 2009-07-01
summer (senryu)pic Jer 2009-07-01
another rhythm (senryu) Jer 2007-12-16
00:01 - 00:06 (senryu) Jer 2007-12-09
life (senryu) Jer 2007-12-09
interpretation (senryu) Jer 2007-12-01
unwise (senryu) Jer 2007-12-01
thoughts (senryu) Jer 2007-12-01
Doubt (senryu) (3) Jer 2007-06-13