Mario's birthday party and new child coming for foster care by Ann Wood

It is the day before Mario's birthday party when in the agency office, one of the social workers calls to ask Alex and Leila if they can take in the family a new child until she found her a place for living? It is a little girl called Lillian, says the social worker on the phone. Alex answers - yes, you can, and she can stay with us as long as it is needed. They speak a few more minutes on the phone and then close the line.
Alex informs the rest of the family that tonight, they will receive a new child little girl called Lillian. Michelle goes to prepare the room for Lillian, and she put some toys and children storybooks and the welcome home banner on the room door.
They close early the office today and go back to the house to cook a nice welcoming dinner and get ready before the social worker and Lillian arrive. At home, they tell Mario that from tonight he will have company for playing and that little girl will live with them. Mario smiled and said, yay, she can play with my toys and have some of my birthday cake.
At six o'clock, the social worker Colleen and Lillian, arrive. Mario was on the door waiting for them and calling his mommies that little Lillian is here. Alex and Leila say hello to them and light the way to the living room. Michelle serves the tea and cake and sits next to Leila and Alex. They all say hello to Lillian, and the meeting started.
Colleen takes out the case file from her bag and starts reading it to them. Mario and Lillian go to play in the playroom where Margaret and the twins were playing. Lillian's parents; are arrested for possession of drugs and unregistered weapons. They will be in jail for a long time. The court ruled that Lillian should be given up for adoption as both were not fit to care for her. Around seven o'clock, Colleen left, and the family goes to the dining room for supper.
After supper, they take Lillian to her room and put her stuff there. Then Leila showered her and put her in bed. She read some stories to her and left the room.
Tonight all of them go to bed early because tomorrow is a big day for the family.
It is six o'clock in the morning, and Alex is working in the office. She is emailing Colleen that they all fall in love with Lillian and want to adopt her and give her the home she needs. Last night, she and Leila talked about the matter late and decided to take Lillian. The child accepted them from the beginning, and Mario liked her a lot. The whole evening did not separate from her. She was permitted to play with his toys. He also said that he had a birthday the next day. Lillian is a month younger than him.
The decoration company arrived at nine o'clock and began decorating the house and garden. Meat and food providers reached ten and catering shortly after. They all worked hard to be able to finish in time before the party started at six. At noon, everyone sat down to eat and then went to work. At two, the parents of all three young women reached over and left their luggage in the guest room.
Everything was done by five, and they went to get ready for the party. At six o'clock the guests arrived, and the party began. The children accommodated in a tent where clowns and puppet theater entertained them. The adults were in a nearby shelter, drinking cocktails while waiting for BBQ to get ready.
Everyone was having a lot of fun, the dishes alternating one after the other, it tasted delicious everywhere. After everyone had dinner, it was time to bring the cake and sing happy birthday to you, Mario. After they cut the cake and everyone tried it, they played party games and left for ten guests. Mario thanked everyone for the gifts and that they respected him for his holiday. After everyone left, the whole family went to the lounge for an eight o'clock drink, and Mario opened his presents. Mario was thrilled to open his presents after the party. He had received many books and toys and had also raised three thousand dollars. At eleven, they wished them a good night, and everyone went into their bedrooms.

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The story of two young ladies by Ann Wood
by Ann Wood