Pining, whinning, I'm singing the blues.

No One's Knocking At My Door

no one's getting fed
no one's lying in my bed
no one's holding my offered hand
no one's wearing my wedding band
no one's here with me
Isn't that what I want it to be?

no one's hearing me cry
no one's watching me sigh
no one's coming to my side
no one's seeing all I hide
no one's embrace do I feel
This is now and this is real.

no more fantasies will I make
no more promises will I take
no more lies of what is true
no more waiting for one like you
no more time for it won't last
If this is what is now, I'll pass.

Sitting now in lonely times
I am low and out of rhymes
Hoping for a better day
Wishing that you'd pass my way
Knowing that you're far from here
I, alone, shed this single tear.

Kathy Lockhart

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 1027 times
Written on 2006-08-21 at 00:49

Tags Depression  Heartbreak  Loneliness 

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Earl Jackson
Powerful!!!! What a beautiful poem... it has just the right amount of, "come back for more" loved your last stanza.

"Sitting now in lonely times
I am low and out of rhymes
Hoping for a better day
Wishing that you'd pass my way
Knowing that you're far from here
I, alone, shed this single tear."

Thank you for sharing...

A beautifully written psalm, as beatiful as those King David wrote to God when he felt oppressed on every side, or detached from God's love source. But keep writing like David. Even in his darkest times, he always remembered times when he did feel God's protection and love, and those memories would bring him hope. Your honesty speaks to true to the loniness and speaks to so many who have felt those same hopless, lifeless feelings. Now, ponder a little while on those times when God found you in your darkest times and spoke encouragement and rhymes back into your life. You've conquored this feeling before and you will again dear sister. write on!

This was heartaching my friend. I specially liked the last stanza. Great!

haseen whel
Great piece!!! Don't lose your hope...kissess(daughter)

night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
No more tears!
No more crying!
Don' t believe,
don't hope,
don't expect,
don't wait

Go out there and explore this wonderful world and everything that it has to offer and if someone wants to join you in your journey he is welcome otherwise you are busy discovering what life, nature and people have to offer instead for waiting for one guy!

The nights you might sleep alone but you will be so tired and happy from your adventurous day that it wont matter anymore!

They will see you shine and they will begg to be with you My dear friend! let them come to you he he he ;)

Good poem once again dear Kathy!!!
2006-08-22 Moods The PoetBay support member heart!
this hits the center... i feel the down mood from the words here... squeezes a heart... your writing brings me inside every time no matter the subject you express - this is so open and heartfelt... the feelings wrap around my moment... wish i could lift away the blahness of it all for you :f *hug* xx

I understand, beautifully written

Malin Johansson
Loneliness is a horrible feeling when it comes to us in negativity, We have to tranform the negativity into something posetive... A great but very sad poem here... Many hugs

Such a deep, emotional longing. I think that he is out there somewhere, perhaps even writing a poem about you..Wonderfully done!

All i can offer you is (((((((((((((((BEAR HUGS)))))))))))))))))) dear Kathy.... Its all that comes to mind after reading this!

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
Hi Kathy this beautifully soulful poem is so skillful and some one is bound to come knocking a lovely text rgds mike

how i hear you and everyone
and there is a new dawn..
a beginning of a new day..:)))
love you my Mommakac:)))))

It can't rain all the time, as Brandon Lee would say, I say patience is something you might want to hear, but it is true. This is a very crowded world with little clicks, but even with that, you are not alone, you never were, i'm here, we're all here to tell you that we do hear you and be there, always!

The Lady sings the blues! When you got all what you want - who come you're not happy? That's an eternal question. I like (well...) the line "Isn't that what I want it to be?. It tells me that you had plans for your life but it can be too good.
A very simple but thoughtful text.

Rob Graber
"Sitting now in lonely times / I am low and out of rhymes"--priceless! And the beat is perfect... ;-?


A Heart of Tears
by Kathy Lockhart