29th Installment of my series (MaryAnn)

Check Inside, Not the Cover

Reading for me’s been a hobby
That I've found to be a real treat
Books come in all shapes and sizes
Finding one book is no real feat
I've found that certain pages
Of certain books are ripped apart
No reason to deny it reading
No this trend should ever start
I've seen books with tattered pages
I've seen books that have no face
Every book has right to viewing
Every book has its right place
Not one book have I denied
Since I've been reading all my life
People bring up stupid problems
And create restraints called strife
Books will always be my interest
For they always contain a tale
All books hold inside a secret
No matter how dreary or pale
For the world is just a library
Where all books sit and wait
They wait for a person to visit
For the reader decides their fate
I hope that all the books I've read
Can understand and finally see
That as long as memories divide
The library card will always be free

Poetry by Coolaaron88
Read 904 times
Written on 2007-08-07 at 08:49

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