Ill: Kkc
Mary Halvorson at the Molde Jazz Festival !
Please love her to bits...
There's enough notes for everyone !


I will hit you with my guitar she said
Will it hurt?
I asked anxiously
Yes, of course it will hurt you fool
try to relax
and it will hurt less
Do you know how to relax?
she asked with a slightly evil smile
picking up her guitar
So where will you hit me?
thinking dentists surgeons
and other terrible ways
to be molested
should I take a run for it?
while there was still time
Nothing to do with that
she read my mind
laughing looking
at the double bass player
obviously with no intention
to get to my rescue
never trust a French
my English friends often said
The innocent looking drummer
seemed to be teaming up as well
with to scary looking toothpicks in his hands
Are you gonna pick my brain as well??!!
oooh, yes, she said
lifting her guitar
I looked over to the babe sitting next to me
please take me home
Quick quick !
rescue my head
between your perfect breast
we can listen to John Coltrane
you can fuck my brains out
never mind that drummer
you are drooling over
I got a rhythm stick too you know...

But late
I was like paralyzed
didn't even dare to look up
Just relax she said over and over again

And then suddenly
she hit me very hard over my heart

Poetry by PapaFahr The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 1194 times
Written on 2009-07-15 at 14:56

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by PapaFahr