Senso Ryu

October willed a woman to commit,
Twice a week every week.
The Art comes before all,
Even family.

Was it truly the fact she had to choose between
and the Art?
Or was the fight of self versus anyone else?

All she desires is to become better.
To feel the air, not drown in the unsaid.
To fight instead of flying.
After all, what is the use for flying when one cannot land?

How long has it been since I was last troubled in such a manner?
How did I react?
I ran.
I couldn't stay in the conflict, so I headed for the Embassy.

The Embassy of;
Mental Illness
Family Deaths
Abandonment and Fear.

On the grounds of the Embassy, no-one can touch me.
No blame can be placed one me.
In the Embassy, I simply am without rules, discipline, or social doctrine.
I can be and do as I please and not a soul would stop me...

But an Embassy is not a home.
Perhaps, it can be a safe place for a short while,
but no roots should be planted nor plants grown.
If such a creature were to take root, it would be blighted.

Hiding from sickness within a sick place,
only weakens the immunity.
I must stay strong.
I must not hide within the comfy walls of the Embassy.

I will step out of the home I have wrongfully made.
I will set the old place aflame.
I do not desire to be a Phoenix,
but I long to rise like one; new.

Poetry by Sarah Parnes
Read 531 times
Written on 2018-05-25 at 05:35

Tags Decisions  Phoenix  War 

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