An inner dialogue. Part 1


You whispers in the depths of my mind
Move foward.
I am born of this and it doesnt hold me.
For long ago you errupted from nothingness
And became all.
Which gives us hope?
And if nothing ever ends, and matter never dies
Then I am you?

But I cant be.
I am flawed, broken,
Shrewdly mended with cheap parts.
I've made mistakes.

But if you gave me free will,
And a choice of two, are thier mistakes?
And if everything has a purpose,
What's mine?

Am I wrong to question?

What purpose does death bring?
To watch my uncle so ravaged by a disease of your making.
And slip so effortlessly out of his mortal coil.

Am I stronger for it?
I don't feel stronger.

I want to feel close to you.
I want to not resent the path you must have chosen for me.
To feel worthy and less expendable.
So how?

Do I pray more?
Give all my worldly possessions to those less fortunate?
Do I leave to discover your truth in other places?
Will you hear me?
Do you hear me?

Did I miss it?

Are you gone?

Poetry by ashley honig
Read 531 times
Written on 2019-01-08 at 04:01

Tags God  Faith  Religion 

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I like the directness, the urgency. And I like the "shrewdly mended" line. Looking forward to reading more!

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
This is beautiful in its heartfelt, honest plea for guidance, reassurance, and revelation. Your poetry is a prayer of supplication.

Keep seeking the Truth