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Laughing Together

My eldest son and I were sitting together in my room having one of our usual talks, when we talk about everything and nothing, just exchanging our thoughts. And we often find ourselves cracking up into laughing fits together.


During one of these moments, he was telling me how much he finds my multitude of facial expressions I apparently possess (he's not the first to say) absolutely cracking, and how some of my action-reaction on-the-spur quips to things I observe are too funny (hence why since early childhood he's always done things to get a facial expression out of me, some of which became a game between him and his brother to see who between the two of them could make me do a specific one!). He says the combination is priceless...


He then carried on recalling one of those moments explaining that I had gone to the fridge to retrieve the container of yogurt I like, and on it, there was a new design : they'd added the most stock image of a middle-aged man there possibly could be. Upon seeing it, my son says that my facial expression, followed by what came out of my mouth, made him crack up - and as he was telling me this, he was cracking up saying it was so random.


I said out of nowhere and quite instantly when I saw it :


« Quessé que M. Tout-le-monde fait sur mon yogourt ? »

"What's Mr. Everybody doing on my yogurt?"


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Written on 2020-02-26 at 20:58

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I love expressions, my daughter and my father have/had classics, me too. Those times are priceless, laughing together is memorable.