Dirty place

I was in the dark and I lost my soul
I never see the light above me
I continue to grow in a dirty place
Where my life is a mess
Where I can feel the heat of the sun
Where I can touch those rough hands,
Where I can I see those people wearing dirty clothes
Where bad people live in the same place
Their minds still stuck and never grow
They didn't know how to build a dream
They didn't mind what the future brings

I'm walking through the highway
I'm standing in the same place
Where some dirty men torture themselves
Some cigarettes in a different corner
Some bottle of liquor in the table
Some sexy hips of prostitute waiting along the byway
Some bastard children near my home

When I sold my soul to you
You've promised that you'll never bring me back again
To the place where my body is dead
I don't want to look back anymore
To the place where my soul is in dirt

I was afraid to look back again
I don't want to recall the heat of a flame
I want my mind to be fresh
My body to exhale
And my heart to love again....

Poetry by haseen whel
Read 194 times
Written on 2006-08-10 at 04:33

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Whether you're coming from the heart or just writing a creative piece.
They both say one thing.

You are a POET...

Good Creative Write

Malin Johansson
A very deep poem here Haseen.. I can se the frightness and the pain of going to that dirty place again, but the hope and the strenght that is in this poem... will remain and you will forever live on a clean place dear:)))
Hugs to you siss

what a poem!!
the depth of this write
very moving in this read!
these lines
"My body to exhale
And my heart to love again...

hugs of many

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
Haseen, deeply dark and profound. Excellent poetic expressions. xxx mom

Zachary P. B.
wow wow wow

"i want my mind to be fresh
my body to exhale
and my heart to love again..."

lost in the past, in the grime, in the dark, in the "dirty place." we all torture themselves in a way like them, just quietly with plastered smiles...

loved this poem dear friend,