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My real name is Antoniya,but for my poetry I use my short name Ann. I am new in poetry. Have few poems and want to shares with you. You now can see and my first book.

Ann Wood

44 years old from UK

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Prayer to God for the Bulgarian students and for the successful start of the school year. by Ann Wood - 2019-09-17
Happy birthday to my best friend and sister in heart ArchAngels by Ann Wood - 2019-09-17
Back to school by Ann Wood - 2019-09-16
Happy 1st day back to school to my nephew by Ann Wood - 2019-09-16
Safe journey back to UK to my mom by Ann Wood - 2019-09-16
Happy Holy Cross by Ann Wood - 2019-09-14
Bond radio rock with DJ MelSpirit by Ann Wood - 2019-09-14
Safe journey to Canada to my auntie Mattie by Ann Wood - 2019-09-13
It's raining outside by Ann Wood - 2019-09-11
11th of September 2001 18 years ago many people were killed, lets remember them with minute salents by Ann Wood - 2019-09-11
It is part of a book called Angel by Petar Petkov traslated by Ann Wood - 2019-09-11
Happy birthday Arwa Kapadia by Ann Wood - 2019-09-10
Fall by Ann Wood - 2019-09-10
She is one kind and very talanted woman, to my friend Lacy Devine by Ann Wood - 2019-09-09
Happy birthday to my friend Rayne by Ann Wood - 2019-09-09
The good teacher by unknown autor traslated by Ann Wood (4) - 2019-09-09
Welcome back in UK to my auntie Mattie by Ann Wood - 2019-09-09
Get well soon my gorgeous goddaughter Venus by Ann Wood - 2019-09-08
Do you believe that everything in this world is love by Ann Wood - 2019-09-07
"Furrow" by Elin Pelin traslated by Ann Wood - 2019-09-06

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