Our illustration for this piece would consist of Coo, mini-FT, and Squiress (Squire Squirrel's wife) in an embrace, while Squire retrieves a jar from a cupboard :>)

First station stop

'Come in, come in!' Squire Squirrel props his front door open wide
and ushers in FT and Coo. 'Sweet home!' he nods, with pride;
it is indeed, this home within an ash tree's rough-hewn trunk –
'Here's living quarters, dining room, and mine 'n' Squiress' bunk!'

'Do spiders visit?' asks dear Coo, her face a little scared,
remembering the cross arachnids, shouting, teeth all bared,
encountered on our previous excursion to these lands,
the trapdoors under which they waited, with their eager hands.

'Not this far up!' Squire reassures, and pats Coo's feathered head.
'They don't like heights; besides, they're very rarely out of bed.
We've beetles sometimes – Squiress gets her broom and sweeps 'em out –
and moths, but they're quite nervy, so they're off as soon's I shout.'

'Geroff!' the squirrel shouts – we jump – a small moth shrieks and leaves;
'Y'see?' Squire chuckles. 'Funny fellows, underneath our eaves.'
'Another moth?' a pleasant voice drifts into woodland home.
'Ah, Squiress!' beams the Squire, then, 'Yep, just sent him back to brome.'

'FT and Coo!' Squire's wife climbs in and spreads her furry arms;
and all embrace while Squire Squirrel finds a jar of Chestnut Charms.
'Yep, these two back, let's all sit round and have a spot of tea,
and then some singing, Solstice songs, now, how'll that do for ye?'

'Woo-hoo!' 'Well, that sounds wonderful!' 'Oh yes!' 'Good good!', Squire nods,
then offers round the Chestnut Charms, all buttered in their pods.
'Eat heartily!' encourages Squiress, 'for come first light
we start our Solstice Pilgrimage, towards the shortest night.'

Poetry by Coo & Co The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2018-12-06 at 20:10

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I'm wondering where in the world you are, I hope the weather stays dry for you to acknowledge to solstice day X.And actually, it gives me hope, that Spring is surely coming x

StillHoppin The PoetBay support member heart!
Another enchanting write from Coo & Co! The rhythm of this is impeccable and the charm is undeniable - it is simply superb!

Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
Why, FT, what great, long lines you have, and so well managed.


Woodland Scenes II: Winter Solstice
by Coo & Co