A 'squiz' is a squirrel quiz, for the purpose of this poem :>)

The imagined illustration shows Squire Squirrel throwing raisins and sultanas into the porridge, assisted by Lady Fox; Squiress, Coo, and FT approach with crockery :>)

At the mill

The mill is just as we remember – 'Crumbling bricks and warping wood,'
dear Coo describes. ''Tis so!' Squire nods. 'I'd renovate if, if I could –
I'd like to see its wheel a-turnin', hear the sounds of grindin' grain,
but council says there ain't the funds, y'know, resources, cashflow, drain.'

Squire sighs, yet Squiress laughs, 'He likes it, really, ruined as it is;
it's good for storage, socials too – the other night we had a squiz –
but no one stays past witching hour, that's when the miller's ghost appears,
young Robert and his Anneli, him bloodied, her all streaked with tears.'

Dear Coo and FT nod. 'Indeed, it is a haunted place,' says Coo;
'young Robert died when drunkard Kurt took up a lance and ran him through.'
'And Kurt? Ah yes, the husband of fair Anneli,' FT recalls,
'as Lady Fox informed us when we met her here, by these old walls.'

'Here's Lady now!' Squire waves a paw, as that sleek vixen sidles up.
'Good day,' she greets the group. 'I'm starved, Squire; hope you've brought the Solstice Sup!'
'I've soaked the oats 'til soft,' he nods; 'just need to heat 'em on our stove –
the picnic spot's all sorted too; we'll sit in yonder yewly grove.'

The stove is set up in the mill; Squire strikes a match and Whoosh! it's lit.
'A gift from Waldsfolk,' he explains, 'along with other bits of kit;
now, Lady, bring the pot, we'll get this bubblin', with a pint of milk,
then throw in raisins and sultanas, honey too, like golden silk!'

FT and Coo assist Squiress with fetching bowls from just outside.
'They've been in sun awhile, so they're all warm,’ the squirrel says with pride.
Squire serves the Solstice Sup, a special porridge, steaming in the sun.
'As served since ancient times,' he nods, 'each solstice journey, just begun.'

Short story by Coo & Co The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2018-12-13 at 20:02

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Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
I run out of new ways to say how much enjoy your latest poem. This is another gem.

one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
The tale of Anneli, Robert, and Kurt reminds us of 'Matty Groves,' and the fair (but rationalizing) Lord Donald's wife singing, "I'd rather a kiss from dead Matty's lips, than all of your finery," and, indeed, Lord Donald runs poor Matty through.

Lady Fox is a cool customer, sidling up to the party, hungry and la-di-da.

Most of all we love Squire Squirrel for his pragmatic turn of mind, weighing the cost/benefit of retrofitting the mill; and that the Squiress knows Squire's mind as well she does, that the mill quite suits him as.

It is Squire Squirrel's attitude which resonates. We are naming our new band "the Pragmatic Squirrels."

All this in your steady voice and rhymes and octet! Pure joy : )

Coo & Co The PoetBay support member heart!
PS: We apologise for the small size of the text. Coo recommends that readers zoom in for a more comfortable reading experience 8>)


Woodland Scenes II: Winter Solstice
by Coo & Co