Hap performs a song; our imagined illustration shows the jaunty performance :>)

Gathers (by Hap)

Well-met Coo, FT, Lady Fox, Squiress, and Squire
at this Solstice Way landmark we calls the Spruce Spire
with its limbs all a-laden with feathery folk
and a sprinklin' of snow, like a fanciful cloak!

Many years there've been gathers around this broad base
just before we sets off to the heart of this place,
and we eats a few tatercakes, cooked at the inn,
well washed down with some ciders, well, hey-diddle-din!

Here they comes, see, our Morris side, clad in their rags
spinnin' out with the dancin', all flutterin' flags,
'tis a Solstice procession they're doin' today,
quite informal yet colourfully done, y'might say!

We skips twelve times around the spruce, light on our feet,
with the pipers and drummers to keep with the beat,
got your tambourine, FT? and Coo, her sitar?
check out Squire makin' shapes there, a shimmerin' star!

After dancin' there's feastin', yep, that hits the spot,
tasty tatercakes soaked in sauce, fresh from the pot,
get some cider inside yer insides, as I say,
you'll be cosy to keep the old cold right away!

Now 'tis time to light candles and start for the spring,
with a hop and a skip and a bit of a sing
as the Sun sets, all pinkish and purplish and gold
o'er the woods, fields, and rivers, the whole of our wold!

Poetry by Coo & Co The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2018-12-17 at 20:00

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one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
How festive! Coo at the sitar must be a wondrous sight!


Woodland Scenes II: Winter Solstice
by Coo & Co