"the beast" refers to the act of attraction itself, not to any one person. :) The person one is attracted to is glorious.


With every encounter we had
our hesitation diminished from our actions.

I walked into the lair of a merciless monster
igniting a domino of reactions

Cheeks flushed as I was held by this beast
that I found myself pinned underneath

Hot breath poured out on my neck
As my ears were grazed by its lips

My heart pounded hard on my chest
Its hands caressed me at my waist

I squirmed and submerged in its arms
continually gasping for air

Its mouth desperately searching for mine
I finally succumbed to its kisses.

The problem with attractions,
is deciphering what's hell and what's bliss.

Poetry by Ashe
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Written on 2017-02-12 at 21:14

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Jamsbo Rockda The PoetBay support member heart!
Very good indeed. reminds me of a Bogey movie where he grabs a woman when she is flustered and kisses her :)

Ivan R
A hell of a story, had me grasping for air!

Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
This is fabulous, Ashe. "Beast" is an excellent metaphor, and your language does a great job of describing its force.

one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
"I walked into the lair of a merciless monster"

i feel sorry for the monster, all alone it its lair while you have someone to fool around with. i'm glad you paid it a visit.