How It Happens

Forests, they are burning, burning;
Glaciers, they are melting, melting.

"Sure is lovely weather lately"
(Apes evolved down in the tropics)
"'Specially for this time of year."

And the forests go on burning,
And the glaciers go on melting.

Maybe this is how it happens:
High life burns its hydrocarbons,
Slowly roasts below the waste.

Apes that walk and talk are basking,
Apes that walk and talk are yawning
As the forests go on burning,
And the glaciers go on melting.

Poetry by Rob Graber
Read 303 times
Written on 2017-02-21 at 20:49

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Nice rhythm and it will go like that as the heat continues to rise and the seas rise, and the water (potable water) continues to disappear. What will be left? Insects of course and a few species here and there to begin again, hopefully with a different end. Will we evolve?

Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
A fine poem. I believe that you're right.

The rhythm is a disconcerting cross between sing-song, and a drumming or marching. This reinforces the effect of the weather being both "lovely" and menacing, or foreboding. I love how the poem maintains this unnerving balance. And "slowly roasts below the waste" is such a good line.