Endings and beginnings.

Endings and beginnings,

Written by Louise E.

I stand on the end,
Of a new beginning.
I stand on the beginning,
To a new end.
It doesn't make sense,
But I know,
There is a purpose.
For every beginning,
Needs to have an end.
Beginnings and endings.
We all look,
For them.
We don't see,
When we think,
When ego is.
But if you don't think,
But just are.
That is where,
The heart begins,
With a new heart song.
That is where,
A soul shines,
With the brightest light.
This are my days of new,
Beginnings with every ,
Heart beat.
A song,
With every soul shine,
A light,
Shining so bright.
That the darkness,
Has to make way.
For only light.
Enlighten your days,
With sunshine,
Enlighten your nights,
With a thousand stars.
Let the love into,
Your heart.
let the light into,
Your soul.
And make your core,
For ever warm.
With source light.

Poetry by Louise 55
Read 252 times
Written on 2017-07-02 at 05:00

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