The story is back, sorry that I did not have time to write on that book. Hope to enjoy it.

Our holiday at the sea side day Fourteen by Ann Wood

It is the first day of our second week, of our summer holiday at the sea side, good morning all!
It is our 3rd day in Blackpool, it is raining outside and we will stay in door for now. I am still in bed reading my new magazine. I can hear that my mom and grandma talking in the kitchen, making our breakfast. I get up and start getting ready for the day and make my bed. Then, go to the kitchen and say good morning to my family, ask them how are they did they sleep well last night? In few minutes my auntie call to say that they will eat in their caravan, because of the heavy rain outside and that one of mine cousins is not feeling well this morning. After breakfast I clean the kitchen and make fresh tea and coffee for us, and then we all sit in the lounge and playing monopoly. My uncle takes my cousin to the local hospital for check up, we all worry for him. I hope he will be well soon, and will not need to be admitted in hospital. At 11am the rain finally stop and we take our dogs for walk on the promenade. At 3pm my uncle back from hospital with my cousin they give him some antibiotic, probiotic and vitamins and tell him to drink more water and tea. We have our late lunch together mom was make home made chicken soup and meat balls with chips mash potatoes, mix roasted vegetables and salad. For pudding we have jelly and ice cream and melon and water melon too, fresh juices and water. After lunch we all clean the table and go to the beach to play tennis. We play tennis all afternoon at 6pm we go out for dinner and cinema. After the cinema we go for walk on promenade and back home at 1am. I go to my room get ready for bed and was so tired. Good night world, sleep well sweet dreams all.

Short story by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2017-07-21 at 15:10

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