Let me in

Deep withing the chapel
Down on my knees. I weep
For you, i slave over candles
Just to bring you peace.
Watching you build the
Walls of your personal hell
I scribe symbols to break
Your cage. My efforts in good
Taste but you thwart them still
I dont understand how you
Became so ill. Infected
With a sickness that doesn't have
A name. Its palpable
And smells sickly sweet. Like
A poison you shouldnt eat but
Can not resist. Just let
Me in. Push the sickness out
Banish it from
Your personal cloud.
I cant watch you suffer. Self
Inflicted guilt over situations
Out of your control. I cant
Watch you weep for your
Soul. The heartbreak its
Causing keeps me awake at night.
Searching for the answers with
The dark, stumbling around
Out and about.
I light the candles, write the
Symbols and say the words
But you repeat the cycle and
It undoes all my work.
Your dragging yourself under
And taking me with you.

Poetry by Luna Nightshade
Read 281 times
Written on 2017-07-26 at 23:31

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This is so beautiful, emotional! I sadly know exactly what this feels like.