language is a suitcase of stars

personal pronouns convey intimacy a face-down witness closed palms, amazing things arise from that oneís palms when they can be pried open they canít be pried open glued on smiles pulled down from something cold, vast, heavenless, no thing letís not falsify matter and energy romanticise relationships worship dichotomies and mimesis and pairings and lists separated by the word and as if we can take accumulation without a pinch of salt of the earth, there are no memories left to make, a stack of dinner plates, frayed, irreparable, self-manipulating life hangs a mask, a body more comfortable in the dark is a star, not all secrets are the same not all secrets are for everyone. A dragon is a creature spanning realms: heaven, earth, and hell. Heaven because it can create clouds with its breath, hell because it can breath fire, earth, because it can live and breath underwater and control the weather.

Diary by Ann
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Written on 2018-01-16 at 12:07

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