Happy Holiday my dear Darling by Ann Wood

Happy Holiday my dear Darling!

I keep the world in my hands when
I embrace my little daughter.
In my eyes I find eternal summer
and warm-hearted mother's soul.

I kiss her and my lips tremble,
little soul ... little star.
She had a job to find ...
a piece of happiness in the world!

Oursana ... to seek goodness ...
in a world inhabited by thousands of evils.
How to Keep the Child in the Soul,
do not let evil hurt her?

How can I teach the lessons of life,
to save bitter tears ...
To go along the biblical laws,
to be strong ... and hurt?

I can not! Each of his karma carries
and she will be alone on her way ...
It will hurt ... bare feet,
but it will become strong afterwards!

He will fall in spirit, then he will fly,
will seek its way into that life.
Good and bad ... everything will try,
with effort will break through his own rod!

But inside his heart he will know
that I will be hidden in the shadow.
I will watch like an eagle of infinity,
I will always guide her without a voice!

I will hand my hand ... as soon as it stays,
I will bind my feet with love.
The wings will stitch up to scroll,
I will stand in this harsh world!

When the bird jumped out of the nest,
the mother's heart is then broken.
But such is the life of the Lord,
before my will.

Poetry by antoniya katelieva-wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2018-04-16 at 01:11

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