Rest In Peace grandma by Ann Wood

I'm taking my last goodbye with you, my dear grandma!
You do not have it now ... It took you from me!
You do not have it now ... He grew up in me!
You are not now ... See my pains and dreams!

Ah, if I knew at least you feel good ...
where you're actually ...
No, I do not know where this is.
I can not even send you a small letter!

Sometimes I see you in the dream,
but you do not come often! Why?
Do not you wonder, your grandson
how does she drive her to the Lower Land ?!
Yes, the Bottom!
Because I believe! - You're in Paradise!

Maybe one day we will sit again
and we will sing some folk song!
To ask you - Are you this,
which always shows me the right side ?!
Because something inside my whispers -
"Not like that!" or "Go, that's right!"

I know about my life
and if I can for another moment share it with mine,
I will do everything, I will give everything!
Please, I want you to come back to us!
Please forgive me if I have brought you pain!
Please forgive me if I try to forget you!

Trying to forget sometimes, it's true!
But not from hate or anger!
No, I have no feelings for you!
I just try the past on the way to leave somewhere ...

And the sorrow of sorrow, but I can not, I can not ...
How do I do that, as at home there is not any!
As empty is on the left and tears to stop can not ...

I'm standing here in front of your grave ...
You're in, but where are you?
Tell me, I'll come to you for at least a second ...
For a second, I embrace you, as it was before ...
Before that moment came ...

That instant unwanted, that instant millions of times ...
That moment years ago he lived ...
That moment brought only sadness,
that moment when death came ...

From this moment on, you disappeared
and there are not you now, but where has my soul gone?
Did you take her with her?
I do not know, but it's not, I'm trying to find her ...
And I'm looking for you ...

I find you in the dream ...
I am joyful with tears in my eyes!
I look excited,
but I realize you stayed there ...
There, in the dream ...
Why do not you wake up one morning with me?
How nice it will be to talk again
and in a loud voice for something to laugh!

Do you remember how I grew up?
Do you remember how much you were protecting me?
Do you remember, even how did we drive because of my fools?
Do you remember how we wept together?
Do you remember how I lived with you all my life?

Now where are you, sweet grandmother?
Where are you, why did you leave me alone?
I have asked so many times
and no one ever answered me
and I will never know ...

Wherever you are ...
Wherever you are...
Remember me!
Wherever you are...
I love you, know!
Wherever you are...
Thank you for making me a man!

Poetry by antoniya katelieva-wood The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 94 times
Written on 2018-04-17 at 14:48

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