Unabashedly learical.


There was an old Poet from Arling
Who exclaimed to his bartender, "Darling!

You're as sweet as a scallion

Speaking fluent Italian!"

Oh, that insolent Poet from Arling!


There dwelt a young gal in Wellfleet

With ten toes on her frightening feet:

She would paint them dark yellow

To attract every fellow

Within seventy miles of Wellfleet.


Over beer, grits, and blue tortellini,

Old Tom would recite Yeats and Heaney

To Penelope Slaughter,

The minister's daughter

Who refused to eat blue tortellini.


A scholarly Doctor from Birming

Taught an earthworm his exquisite squirming.

"Now you must learn to chat in

Gregorian Latin!"

Said that curious Doctor from Birming.


A winsome young lass from Revere
Had a cricket who sang in her ear.
Cried the girl, "Please don't chirp!"
But the cricket would burp
In the ear of that dear from Revere. 


A baldpate from Boston's North End
Could persuade peanut brittle to bend.
So bizarre were his tricks,
They would beat him with sticks,
All the rowdies from Boston's North End.


An enjoyable woman from Brighton
Worked with yarn, and liked readin' and writin':
She'd compose silly rhymes
And would suck on sliced limes
As she knitted her mittens in Brighton.

Poetry by Thomas DeFreitas The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2018-05-13 at 14:35

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These are really funny! I wouldn't dare to write limericks, though.