A Snarky Sonnet

I can no longer hear your voice, your horse-

Like neigh no longer rings inside my head.

Frankly, I’m rather thankful for the course

My life has embarked upon—I’m overfed

With happiness. I walk hopefully, the sound

Of my footsteps echoes against the empty

Room spaces. I hum an old tune; I surround

Myself with books of verse. I aimlessly

Read a stanza now, a stanza later.

Liquor-soaked, I recite Bukowski aloud.

Where was this innocent fun, this greater

Laughter when my love for you was so proud?

Still I sometimes miss the rustle of sheets

As I roll over to feel your soft heartbeats.


Bibek Adhikari 

Sonnet by Bibek
Read 284 times
Written on 2018-05-30 at 14:30

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Rajesh Budhathoki
Dexterously crafted sonnet! Couplet reminded me of Gulzar, thoroughly enjoyed!

Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
Excellent writing! No tick-tock rhymes here.

Love the sonnet! The freedom is felt ... and then the last two lines bring in the punch. Very well written with great rhythm and contents. You are writing very well. A good sonnet with well-expressed feelings ... love it!