Day seventeen of our holiday and day five in hospital 13th of July 2018 by Ann Wood

Day seventeen of our holiday and day five in hospital 13th of July 2018, this morning I am a bit sad my mom is going back to UK. It is also my auntie birthday today, I am still in my hospital bed watching TV and waiting for other women to come back. Today I am not have drip just my medication's and maybe some more tests. Tomorrow will go for two days at my brother home to can have proper shower and wash my clothes for Monday morning to be ready again to get back to the hospital. I go for breakfast and then go out for walk and did few phone calls. Then go to the shop and get some chocolate and cup of tea and back to my room. I give box of chocolate to my doctor, one give to the nurses and one left in doctors office too, the last one was for the girls in my room to share with them to celebrate my auntie birthday and that we all will go home. Yes I will be back again on Monday, but still will have two days with my family and friends. Then one of the ladies was discharge and she go home at lunch time. We all change our numbers and addresses to keep in touch when I am in Bulgaria. I meet few nice new friends and I hope we will see each other soon again but this time not in hospital. Today we go for walks few times, it is nice weather and we enjoyed our afternoon out. At supper it left only me and one more woman all other go home for the night and will be back again next morning. We eat our supper in dinning room and then go out for walk again. Around seven o'clock I back in the room and make few phone calls and watching TV. Then my friend back too and we have small party just two of us and watching TV until we fall asleep. Good night sweet dreams sleep well all.

Short story by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2018-07-15 at 09:55

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Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
Hello Coo Co thank you. My Mom go back to UK and will not be back in Bulgaria, we live in UK. Yes I have nice time with my brother and auntie. I keep in touch with most of the ladies I meet in the hospital. Tomorrow morning I am back to hospital again. Thank you for your warm words hugs Ann Wood

Coo & Co The PoetBay support member heart!
Hello Ann,

This is FT, of Coo & Co, also known as Fliss.

I'm sorry that you're spending some of your holiday in hospital, and that you'll be without your mom's visits for a while. I hope your weekend with your brother is going well, and that you'll stay in touch with the ladies you've met while on the ward.

I hope you're as comfortable as possible, and that the hospital isn't too noisy at night. I hope also that you enjoyed your walks and TV time :-) :>) (smile from Coo too)