Love intoxicates
Makes your heart palpitate,
Makes your emotions radiate,
Scaling highest current, electrocuting feelings.

Love is bad
Love is hard
Love is bald
Love is mad.

Tune you strange to other maidens,
Beat your heart strong, mend it rigid.
Funny it tends: to the choice colleen.
Drives your mental horizon to the alleys of worry.

Love is sweet,
Love does prick,
Love is weak,
Love is thick.

Sweet like candy solution-ed with strawberry,
Pricks your heart, drags your brain: making them enemies.
Weakens your thought, mar your dealings,
Moisture your veins, thicken the lotions in your reins.

-------- -------- ------ ------- ------- -------- ---------

Driving you like a Bremen Bull,
Crazed UPSTAIRS, all earth pull,
Hurting the soil with its hoof,
Till the craved cud it chew.
Josh Berry

Poetry by Ajoshberry
Read 116 times
Written on 2018-09-11 at 19:45

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