Visiting grand perants at nursing home part two by Ann Wood

Visiting grand perants at nursing home, it is Friday evening and we getting ready, everything for our visit in the nursing home this weekend. We ate in the kitchen and cooking, I bake cookies and Victorian sponge cake for my grandpa and grandma, and mom make rost dinner for our lunch in the forest park. After finish baking I put the cookies and cake in boxes and make home made limonade and put it on the fridge. Then help mom to prepered the salad and rosted root veggetables and potatos, when she did the greavy for the rost dinner. We make and asorted sandwiches and other finger food. When everything was ready we just put in boxes and let them chill out and put in fridge too. After that I help mom to clean our kitchen and go get shower, because tomorrow we will start our journey early in the morning. We will there for the whole weekend and will stay in guest house near by the nursing home. After my shower I get dressed and go to bed, good night all see you in the morning. Good morning it is 0530hrs in Saturday morning I am still in bed and just wake up after good long sleep. I get out of bed have a shower again and get dressed. Then go down stares and make fresh coffee and tea to get with us and some breakfast for me and mom. At 0600hrs she come and we eat our breakfast and talk. When we finish eating I clean the table and wash our plates and cups and we get ready to leave. We put everything in termo bags and get our over night bags too and put in the car. Then I get our two puppies with us and we start our journey at 0700hrs. On our way we stop to petrol station for get some petrol and news papers, crosswords, quiz book and magazines for our little holiday. At 0930hrs we arrive in the nursing home my grand perants was already ready to go and we get back on the road. We go to guest house and left ours over night bags and go back on road to the nearest forest park when will have our lunch. We park the car and start to take our camping stuff out, a table and four chairs, blanked and termost bags. I take both dogs for walk and make some pictures on my mobile. Then we back to ours camping and have some party games. At 1200 ocloock we eat our lunch the staff from nursing home was make us lunch pack too and we was have nice chicken soup and fish baked on the oven with chips and salad too. It is my grand perants wedding anniversery staff was make them small wedding cake and buy them a lovely gifts too. We play more games and go for walks around the park. At 4pm we have some sandwiches and tea and coffee. Then we start to put everything in the car and get back to guest house where we will be for the night my grand perands will stay with us untill Monday morning when we will leave to go back home. It is bank holiday weekend and we not have to go to work or school. At 7pm we have dinner in the guest house dinning room, the owner was make the hunter pie and some rosted veggetables and salad. It was so yummy dinner. After that we watching TV and a movie after that. At 12 ocloock we go to bed. Good night all see you in the morning. It is Sunday morning we all sitting around the table and talk and have our full English breakfast, toast, tea and coffee snd fresh orange, lemon, lime and gretfruit juice. At 9am we go out for walk and then again to the forest park for our lunch and more outdoors fun. At 12 ocloock we eat the lunch mom was cook on Friday night we heat it on our camping fire and eat. Mom was make rosted lamb it was very yummy and we enjoy it. After lunch we sing some old songs and play games. At 4pm we have sandwiches and drinks and after we finished we start to get ready to go back in guest house. At 7pm we have dinner the owner was make rosted venison with rosted veggetables and mashed potateos, salad and we have forest pie for pudding with brendy souse and ice cream. After dinner we watching TV and play games. At 12 ocloock we go to bed,good night all see you in the morning. It is Monday morning we have breakfast and then get ready to go back to the nursing home to leave my grand perands and then go home. We have a lot of new photos for the album I make for them. At 12 ocloock we get home, put evwrything in the house and go out for lunch. We have pizza and salad and Italian cake with ice cream. After lunch we go for shopping and the back home where we order take away dinner from Indian eatery. After dinner we have early night, because tomorrow we have back to work and school. Good night all see you soon.

Short story by antoniya katelieva-wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2019-01-11 at 07:24

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