When Eclipse Fight

My tone deaf love sang a song for me
Picked some flowers and made me a coffee
Cuddled my morning out, kissed me
Even off beat, danced just to make me happy.

He sat on the couch and watched me play
my guitar music that sings my love away
he glanced again and when I looked
on tears, he said I gave a love that no one could pay.

Words donít seem strange but mind the feels
Sort of a feeling like Iím on top of a hill
Trying hard to embrace the natureís beauty
But feared the heights, so just stood still.

Embracing me like thereís no tomorrow
Suddenly I felt the hidden sorrow
He said heíll be gone for a while
told me to take care, and give him a smile.

Then eclipse came in the morning and night
made me fight a battle thatís not right
covered the rays of the sun, and hope was out of sight
and the struggling moon kept me awake at night.

Used mirror to see my sun shine
Saw a picture of a hope that soon Iíll see mine
But the eclipse faded the view when it moved
Took a deep sigh and drank my wine.

It hurts when eclipse fight
When you long for a welcoming sunlight
And all you see are dying plants
Like sad people dying to make his cross light.

It kills when eclipse stay long to take the life
When all you can do is stare outside
and reminisce your lovely mornings
until you sleep on your chair and pain comes inside.

One day, somebody told me to call God
For, He feels Iím in pain, but wants me to be glad
Because when the burdens are heavy and bad
Itís you that Heíd carry and weights that Heíd grab.

So I asked Him to be with me and guide me
Put the sun and moon in place for me
to see a brighter day full of birds and trees
to have a good nightís sleep and joy be with me.

Soon the eclipse will die and put things back to normal
Soon Iíll see myself smiling genuinely
Soon there are no more sleepless nights really
Öand soon he will come and say, ďIím home!Ē.

God, please be with me.

Poetry by Calyx Penning
Read 178 times
Written on 2019-02-11 at 10:54

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Calyx Penning
Thank you, Thomas. :)

Thomas DeFreitas The PoetBay support member heart!
The opening two stanzas are very strong indeed, and I like the rhyme scheme you've chosen!