Notes for a Litany

Let us be solid
and sloppy,
resolute but able
to abide imperfections.

Let us be generous
to the cranky misfit,
to the curmudgeon,
kind to the bedlamite.

Let us acknowledge,
even embrace,
the surly delinquent
in ourselves.

Let us cherish
this palpable mess
of a life
in tatters of hope
toward a goal
in the limitless distance.

Let us be alert
to the felicitous
mishegas of the commonplace,
attentive to the ragtag rosary
of out-of-place
graces: the shy
librarian's random smile,
conversation with a stranger
waiting for a bus,
the churchless benediction
of the moon
as a shining dime in a gutterpuddle.

Let us offer silence and love
to the stones of Cooke's Hollow,
to the sparrows of Pleasant Street,
to the genial priest
of St John's Episcopal
in her Lenten vestments.

Let us drive
our fender-bent box
of ballyhoo and bones
into a spot
by the mist-blessed sea
and rest for a spell.

Let us play.

Poetry by Thomas DeFreitas The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 159 times
Written on 2019-02-14 at 09:01

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Always love your choice of litany in a list poem like this. I like your unusual use of words like "bedlamite," "mishegas," "gutterpuddle," and "vestments," ranging from archaic to Yiddish to urban slang. And the last line is, as they say, cherry on the top!