Speaking of raw. It might be wise to consider this piece "a work in progress."

Anno Domini

you are Jesus
you with the turquoise hair & the badge for equality
you with the shabby shoes & the plodding conversation
you with the Hillary bumper sticker
you watching the shouters on Fox & believing every word
you with the hundred-proof breath
you with the maxed-out credit-cards
you addicted to vulgar sitcoms & Pringles potato chips
you blaring the satellite radio & running red lights
you the sullen-faced bus driver on the 77
you the McDonald's cashier who smiles 

at customers having a rough day

you going mental over the headlines
you the fresh-faced barista with the partner named Gwyneth
you the lady of a certain age
with seven cats and 40,000 books
you the young man dark and scowling
in a hoodie that makes people nervous

you are Jesus
with your redemptive agonies
with your vicious past & unrelenting shame
with your empty breadbox & your seething brain
with your Diet Coke & bipolarity
with your conspiracy theories & Letters to the Editor
with your suicidal thoughts & Folgers Instant Coffee
with your video games & Everest of unwashed laundry
with your Lithium & Clozaril
with your wrenching deaths & awkward entrances
with your dreams all wrecked & hopes in smithereens
with your Philip Larkin parents
with your rigid religion & chronic unemployment
with your doctorate from Oxford & your secret sexual fetish
with your quenchless thirst & luminous despair 
with your permafrost heart that needs to melt
under ecstasies of sorrow
with your white nights pierced & sweetened
by the speech of a single sparrow

Poetry by Thomas DeFreitas The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2019-03-14 at 05:54

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josephus The PoetBay support member heart!
Thomas your theology is all encompassing. Iíve internalized this within the last few years but practicing it is an entirely different and very elusive matter. Thanks for putting it into words I can use as a beacon.