Manu refers to the archetypal man, or the first man in Hindu mythology. It is analogous to Adam from the Book of Genesis. 

The Dishwasher


In front of a sink, like a swaying shoot in the wind,

Hands full of soapsuds—light, passionate, oscillating

All day long between dream and illusion—he moils

Hard, swimming in his own little, soapy sea of thought.


Greasy faces linger along the autumn avenues of Manhattan,

An orange sun flickers among the yellow leaves, fragmented

Into hundred fractal shadows. Silhouettes of skyscrapers

Taper off as the dying dregs of twilight falls upon this city


Of technicolor dreams. His brown flesh against the steel

Is cold, like a dead mockingbird hanging upside down

From the broken branch. Where is his cigarette? He inhales

The taste of leftover French fries and Coke. He exhales


Brown fumes of exhaustion. The memories of his sleepy

Hamlet are distant, like shadows lingering in the damp corners

Of the past. The neon light now haunts his every passing second;

Even time has its own irregularities, lacking a rational design,


It cannot hide the shameful nakedness of dreams deferred.

His hand knit woolen sweater is jagged like those distant

Hills—the memories come once in a while in the liberty

Of loneliness. The beer and espresso bars cannot wash


The stain, the blotches of a broken life.

Ah, the orange sacrament of spoiled dreams!

If only he stood stark naked under the pine trees,

And searched for his shifting image in the narrow creek,


He’d find that he is Manu—the first man to dwell

This Earth. But there are no pine trees outside; the sink

Reflects only his distorted, fragmented face

He is too scared to see.



Bibek Adhikari

Poetry by Bibek
Read 384 times
Written on 2019-04-13 at 13:50

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Coo & Co The PoetBay support member heart!
Ooh yes, well done Bibek! This is all very absorbing, the sink-front observations expanding into the city. We like all the details and the overall tone of the piece, particularly in 'the orange sacrament of spoiled dreams!' These are lines worth savouring :>)

Just out of interest, would you consider writing in sentence case rather than first-letter caps? For example, for the first stanza,

In front of a sink, like a swaying shoot in the wind,
hands full of soapsuds—light, passionate, oscillating
all day long between dream and illusion—he moils
hard, swimming in his own little, soapy sea of thought.

We ask because we think this style is in keeping with the modern feel of the piece, but if you prefer first-letter caps we shall not mention it again :>)

So many excellences in these almost Rimbaud-like quatrains. I cherish the specificity of the French fries and Coke, the beer- and espresso-bars. I would love to dwell a long time with the phrases "the liberty of loneliness" and "the orange sacrament of spoiled dreams," as they enchant one powerfully.