A Bit of kryptonite never hurt no one

He said it just like that, no, implied it nonchalantly
Triumphant almost
Just like that, I tell you
As if this gift had no meaning
As if you weren't to worry
As if you should know better after all these years.
He gave it freely, with a little meaningful press in my open heart

He was willing to bestow a snippet only.
No more.
No less.
Pray be careful how you handle it
Probably best slowly
Absolutely no hurry

Be sure and savour every delicious moment
Because boy, you sure were lucky to be the chosen one
Hold the fall of your diamond tears
Admitted, they fall elegantly
Though now you must cling to the steadfast post
That is long term friendship, or love in another form

Only, now the silver box is opened
I'm not so sure
I cannot bear pain well
This trinket is not an easy burden
I absolutely demand a disclaimer,
Too late to ring the bell

"We" were okay and I had to dig into your forgotten storms
And now? What do I have residing in the creases
Of everything that he could never say?

Well, I'll tell ya!
I'll tell you how it grabs my jugular
Just like this...

I see Superman fighting kryptonite

And I think for most, that would be unbearable
To see their hero so laid low
But my concern eases
This is new
Because Superman always always rises
That's the norm
He lives to fight another day

And up into the starry sky
Carried on the wind
Somewhere in the atmosphere
He's Loving his Lois Lane
With all his heart and soul
And, and?

Casting trinkets to the goodly folk, and I.

Poetry by LFD1
Read 123 times
Written on 2019-05-20 at 14:17

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