Crystals on the Water

I had sat oft, in true awe of the mountains
Speaking with them, in silent words
They were born, when creation was a whisper
But this was not my desire today.

I longed to see the waterfalls
I desired to be in their presence
So I searched along a trusty route
To have this longing quelled

I wanted to see the crystals
That dance upon the water
Then Cascading to their death

To see them being held
So tenderly in the still pool
To be lulled by its deep current,
and watch them welcomed home

I found a place of beauty
A place of restful thought
Where rocks were kissed by watery lips
But I heard them weeping low

They grieved the water's flowing path
It's freedom that taunted quietly
They longed to taste the salt stained sea
And be lifted to the clouds

I felt their misery wholly
So I sat in the sun's joyful company
And told the rocks their steady shoulders
Kept the water from eloping with the moss

Their feet were true
And their hearts were loyal
And I spoke of their ability to hold fast

And I said that their fathers, the mountains
Called their name on the winds that passed
So the water as it played on the clouds
Would know it's true home after folly turned to sorrow

And I told them that is what the crystals were here, surely
The pure regret and joy of the water that rejoiced
To be home after hindsight had revealed to them
That true love will wait for beloved to return

Poetry by LFD1
Read 123 times
Written on 2019-06-05 at 23:50

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