LEGEND OF Midsummer also knowing as Enyov Day autor unknowed traslate by Ann Wood

The old people say that once,
long ago in a village two
crazy-young - Enyo and Stana,
they liked it very much.
Every day's thoughts of one were at
the other, and their bread did not delight,
if they fail to see at least from a distance.
But the girl's father had decided otherwise
and betrothed Stan to another village. They picked up
heavy wedding, weddings come to come to take.
She left the girl that the wedding was back
he did not return, but when he reached the big bridge
over Tundja, dropped the veil
and thrown into the river.
His favorite Enyo was angry with her ...
nine years, nine bedding rotten
below it. During that time rain dripping
in the village did not fall. The river dried up
and the pestilence of men and cattle.
On the tenth year, Enyo's Sister
having taken the loom from the loom,
crossed with a knife and with children
she covered them. Then he dressed him
with feminine clothes, with a white coat
and went to Enyo.
"Get up, Enyo, be a brother," she told him,
to see your Stana has come, bride
to become ... "
Wide eyes opened the poor boy,
a smile glowing at his tormented face,
he stretched out with his arms outstretched
suddenly he died.
Winds blowing out loud
rains. The fields were scattered, and they became scarce
the flocks, and the young girls sing for love
and the seventh. Since then, it has been customary
of the Enyoven girls "bride" to do
and songs to sing for weddings and a big bargain.
Then they "push" the rings to see
what kind of a boy he will love, but the whistle
and people on this day have no end ...

Poetry by antoniya katelieva-wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2019-06-26 at 22:55

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