Naked Rain

Dancing wilted leaf in the running water winds blowing upon my face waiting for the rainbow coming on my way,fog started to moist my lips and the shadow of the trees becomes gray until my eyes getting blurred,standing at the middle of nowhere waiting for any signs to get me in,hugging myself with my two hands,my barely foot getting wet and I feel colder, I'm alone in this quiet place, A road that nobody's care for me, I started walking in the grass without fear in my veins and have no idea where to go.

The rain still strong then I'll keep on running, suddenly I saw a bud of the rose behind me. I'll be quiet looking around hoping that there is someone finding a rose, but still, nobody's care for me...I keep calm, I inhale, I exhale and standing still,
letting my tears fallen down from my eyes, dissolving my fear inside of me with the love in my heart.

My barely foot keeping me standing and going forward wanting to release my soul in the naked rain, until I found the light of hope the shining light, I notice the footprints in the sand walking beside me then my lips started to smile again. I found you, my LORD! I down on my bended knees and I'll pray...Thank you, GOD you care for me in the Naked Rain.


Poetry by Katniss
Read 187 times
Written on 2019-07-12 at 12:25

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Beautiful scene with lovely heart

one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
i love this, your poems are filled with joy and appreciation.

Vivid and lively, especially toward the beginning. Welcome to Poetbay!

There's a lot of potential in this work. Keep writing!