I'll be waiting

I keep my eyes looking down the horizon
The view was fascinating like evergreen
Waterfalls down the road have melted my fantasy
Green green grass around the mountains.

Surrounded by the trees covering the forest
Melting my fantasy once more!
The fog and the beauty of the butterfly
Saw them with feeling crazy out of my touch

The beauty from within when the rain felt through my veins
Captured my heart with the ding dong!
I slept in the grass saw the blue sky and wanting
to touch every inch of the stars.

You will see that I'll be waiting there
Keeping you alive in my dreams
Holding your hands in my imagination
Experience you deeper in my slumber

Hating myself making you alive in the world
that full of lies
You will see the empty road,
The empty space
I'll be waiting there..But dying once again!


Poetry by Katniss
Read 171 times
Written on 2019-07-13 at 14:49

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The most difficult moments are when you wait for something to happen or someone to come , sometimes it's better to take the suitable actions instead of waiting and waste your time 😉😍 as usual I like your words and imagination

josephus The PoetBay support member heart!
Very intimate organic phrasing. I enjoyed the reading of this.