coming to our senses


first i had a cough   now


has a cough   we keep each other


awake   so we take 


sleeping on the couch   like


two old people   who need


rest   more than they need their


love   for better   for 


in sickness   and in health   what


does it say about us   if we cannot sleep


through such a trifle   as this  




perhaps it says   lord help us   we've become sensible




In the morning I ask her about this now found sensibility. She has just come from the bedroom. I'm at the table having tea. She comes and stands next to me. I put one arm around her hips, and rest my head against her belly. My free hand finds its way up and under her nightgown. 


"Are we two Old People?" I ask.


She makes a face, which I interpret to mean no way José, then coughs. Then coughs some more. 


I sigh. Old or not, she is a sick little kitten, and I kiss her soft little kitten tummy, and rise to make her a cup of tea with honey and lemon.




From the kitchen, and out the window, I see it is a foggy morning in the city, gray and chilly. The sun is somewhere to the east, yet to be seen. Crows are making their awful, belligerent, morning racket. I think of the day ahead, and work, and if she will go to work, too, or call in sick and miss her classes. We do seem like Old People with real world problems, first-world problems though they may be. I guess the reality is, we may not be old, but we are older that we were yesterday.




In the living room I hear, cough cough, and the chords she is strumming.





Poetry by one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2019-08-10 at 07:15

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Beautifully described vignette. I cherish both halves of the "text": clear, sensitive, vivid, gentle, plain (but not too plain!) and altogether a joy to read.