Good bye uncle George by Ann Wood

It's so hard parting with a loved one - a parting that takes him away from you forever. It is said that this was the natural course of life - you live and die, but when the end comes, it is very, very difficult to accept it so philosophically. It turns out that one is never prepared. When irreparable loss happens, everyone calms you down, gives you tips to look forward to life going on… To believe that a person has gone to a better place… Many things to hear in the days of sadness when your tears run out and you even want , you don't always succeed and you don't want to stop them. In days of regret and self-pity, you wonder - I did everything we could with this man, you even blame yourself for a lot of things, but the next moment you dig deep into memories. You curse, cry, smile…. There are so many feelings in you ....
Death is treacherous! It steals, injures, "informs", turns the lives of those who remain. Makes us weak, then strong. It plays with our feelings. It plays with our stamina. But when it comes, there is nothing left for us to do but to curse it, and at the same time to believe and pray that the one who took it away has indeed brought it to a better place.
Is that why I failed to see a single falling star last night? I waited for the starry rain to wish me something good. And they stand there, not moving, filling the whole expanse of heaven ...
Now I know the answer. They were on guard to take on their sister, the star of my marriage.
I believe that everyone who has departed from us actually becomes our spiritual mentor and heavenly guardian. I believe that one day we will be together again, and until then… Until then, there is so much more to experience and learn in life school.
Perhaps the best thing we can do at such a time is to begin to rethink our own lives, what we do or don't do, say or say, think and feel. Everything is transient and repairable until it is time for such separation.

So ... I breathe, I feel, I live! And as I do so, I will be grateful for every day, every minute, shared with my loved ones, and remember those who have left us.

* * *

In memory of my beloved stepmother Georgi, who failed to cope with a terrible illness and left us so quickly and so early.

I will carry unforgettable memories for you forever in my heart, dear!
Rest in peace.

Short story by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2019-08-13 at 22:42

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