last thoughts before sleep



The constellation Cygnus lies along the Milky Way. Cygnus, the swan, flies westward. Arcturus lies to the west, Capella to the east.


 arcturus and capella are the comings

           and goings of cygnus


one says 'this is where you were'   

          the other says 'this is where you will be'




One of Professor Eliot's contemporaries is Gary Snyder. They both lived and studied and wrote in Japan. Gary Snyder wrote a book called, "No Nature." Mr Snyder says:


"Hakuni Zenji put it 'self-nature that is no nature/ . . . far beyond mere doctrine.' An open space to move in, with the whole body, the whole mind. My gesture has been with language." (March 6, 1991)


Across the street, and below, is a CVS store. From our second floor window I've watched sparrows build nests in the "V" in the spring. I've watched a current of shoppers go in, then come out, day after day. 


He writes:


On our way to


the bus stoppt, we ate






i write:


across the street the neon letters

            remind me of spring


 people come and go




I am reminded of Japanese Noh dramas




Marketa is asleep when I come to bed. I lie next to her, thinking and listening. No matter what, good or bad, I am a little sad. It is my nature. I know my nature. No nature. 


can someone

            be the everything of me










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