I wake up by Ann Wood

I WOKE UP !...
I got up and with incredible effort I got up and headed to a nearby coffee and fresh shop. Five minutes later, aromatic coffee with a little sugar and a lot of milk was smelling in one hand and a huge amount of bitter grapefruit fresh in the other. I felt happy - the little pleasures in life ... I stopped at the small table in front of the store to put sugar in my life drink. I could feel one hand on my back. I turned around and saw an elderly woman, in her mid-70s, a low, with a face that revealed every difficulty she had experienced and overcome. The woman had the saddest look in the world - warm eyes, big and brown, giving you a chance to look deep into her soul but at the same time filled with grief. Her arm was bony, with swollen and arthritic fingers and slight trembling. She looked modest, even poor, but neat and clean.
"Tell me, ma'am?" I turned to her humbly.
"Oh, baby, let me tell you, well, it doesn't make sense to mine mine. You tell me better."
There were a few seconds of silence in which the grandmother did not look away from my face. He looked at me with a look that could read the barcode of my face and emotions as a scanner.
"Why are you worried, son?" she asked me. - You're big, you're young, you're healthy. And you look at everything you have left.
I was lying down. I stared again at the woman I hadn't even noticed a minute ago. Now I understood her sad look. She was sad for me ... I saw in her eyes a compassion and sympathy that neither of us is capable of.
- I'm not a sad grandma, it's more complicated ...
I could not continue. Something stuck in my throat.
"Why is it complicated, son?" Why all the young man he saw looks like he has no life left in his heart. Your eyes are sad, even when you laugh. It's not good, young ... My eyes must be sad - I lost two children - I will do one at the age of 10, the other escapes to America and I have forgotten when, and do not want to hear about home.
My stomach squinted. I was shaking. I opened my mouth with great effort and began:
- Other times it's grandma with us already, there are no people like you ...
- There is a son, there is. But you don't. You only want the one that costs money. You love him, is there a price - so it's nice. That's what you're worried about, son, you want something that doesn't have a price. You want something where money can't buy you. I have no money, but I have everything else that you youngster forget.
"Why are your eyes sad grandma?" I asked.
- A child for you. Because of you - that you are young and sour and sad with eyes. You forget that he has a little time to be pleased with his forehead.
The woman grabbed my wrist and held me tight. Then, with his other trembling palm, he reached into his coat pocket and pulled out three cheap candies from there. He released two of them back, and one slowly came to me.
- Oh, take the boy. I can't give you anything else. I'm gone. When you get sad the next time you pound it on that empty candy, so that the whites will become sweet and light. It's simple and inexpensive, not the one you eat. But the nice things are without money and simple.
I felt a tear appear at the end of my left eye. I made a huge effort to cover it up and take hold of it. I took the expected gift from the trembling palm of the woman. I looked at her with all the gratitude of the world. It was the most precious and precious gift I have ever received. I wanted to thank my grandmother .. I had just given 10lv for cigarettes and coffee, I felt obliged to thank her. I reached into my hood and pulled out a 20lv banknote. As soon as I set out to hand her to the woman, she interrupted me abruptly:
- What are you doing boy, get your money. I will not. They are yours. I don't need money. You are so heavy in the eyes because of that money. I don't want them. You're young, you have good eyes. I feel sorry for you. When he sees you, you're worried. It shouldn't be that way. Just remember your grandmother Katya telling you what.
Then he dropped my palm, looked at me one last time, smiled at me with the warmest and most anxious smile, and turned to walk his way. After coming back to myself, I called after her:
- Babe, stay. Let me shoot you to show you my friends what kind of people there are on this earth. May I remember you!
"Oh, son, I won't shoot you." Remember me not with your eyes, but with your heart. Come with health!
She smiled one last time and slowly continued bent on her way.
I sent it with a glance to the nearest intersection. When I lost sight of her, I stared at Grandma Katya's small-sized gift. It cost 5 cents, but it was actually priceless. I clutched it in my palm and carefully picked it up, as if it was the greatest jewelry I own. I poured three sugars into my coffee and started thinking back to my home.

Short story by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2019-09-05 at 18:00

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