The Old Man in Apartment 6A

In the seven years since his Corrina died,
He's lived with Ajax, no one else, and, though
The dog is wise and faithful, seemingly aware
Of, if not what he's thinking, how he feels,
He misses conversation. TV's not
A substitute, and paws can't replace
Hands and arms, but now he has a date
Of sorts with Mrs. Hoskins down the street.
He meets her every afternoon when he takes
Ajax to the park. It's fair to say she only rushes
Up to pet his little dog, squatting down
And babbling in that way old women do
To dogs, but, afterward, she lingers.
Oftentimes, she'll join him on a bench.
They'll talk, a conversation! Their hands
Are kept to themselves, and, in an hour,
More or less, she leaves. That's fine.
He's had his date. He heads back home
With Ajax. When they're there, the dog
Will get a treat, and he will turn the TV on.
The light will die, and life will seem to go
Back to where it had been, but it does
Not. He smiles at Ajax. Everything
Has changed.

Poetry by Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2019-09-20 at 00:58

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Jalaj Soni
What a magnificent piece of work.. thank you for sharing this.