Dan’s school of wise words (complete)

part 1

The simplicity ends with complicity

Believe me I carry one stone and

after a while I pick up another stone

Because of their weight I put them

together on a place I visit every day

and after some decades I have build

my own mountain . . .

Think about that my friends!

part 2

Stone by stone I build a mountain and the fundament
is my life from the time I was borne till the time I die
and rest in peace.

The mountain I build is full of all of my sorrows
and all of the good times in my life . . .

The mountain is every little pieces of struggling
and every little pieces of good times

My knowledge and my wisdom is there in the mountain!

But the springing point is the weight of struggling contra
the good . . . Does the good weight more than the bad?

So I have to do a revision of my mountain (my life):

Have I hurt people and have I done very bad things?

If I had, can I make it right and good again?

part 3

If I get hurt by other people
what can I do then?

I can always carry this stone and feel
so bad and ashamed for the rest of my life!

But I can put away the stone around my neck
that stone is a heavy burden!

So I take away the stone that have hurt me
and forgive the maker of the stone
with all of my heart, but I don’t have to
forgive the behaviour!

Have I done that?

Poetry by Dan Cederholm
Read 274 times
Written on 2006-08-09 at 14:43

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