This is pretty obvious. Some days are like this.

The Show Must Go On

The play commences
today, again
behind the scenes
the lighting crew, the construction manager,
dressmakers, all aboard
all working together
the audience, well-who isn’t the audience
applauds as the first players
appear onstage.

The show must go on
improvised, the writer scribbling
even as this little passion play progresses
so much for so little
critic turned director
I call for more greasepaint
better costumes, a little more feeling,
a little more drama
the leading lady cries glycerine tears.

Music, always in the backround.

Finally, the curtains close.

This is how I get through every day.
For my little audience, you.
I count the meager receipts.
Show’s producer too.

© 2006 Anne Westlund

Poetry by Anne Westlund The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 773 times
Written on 2006-09-29 at 05:41

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Omigod, that was brilliant. I love that poem. Thanks!

Phyllis J. Rhodes
I love this! You are so right (or should I say write) on!