I have posted all my journey poems[3] together

These are my fave poems i've written.


Journeying Journey Poems(My THREE faves)


I'm feeling so focus and calm today,
nothing negative is gonna get in my way,
my eyes are shining so bright and clear,
it feels like all of my dreams, close to coming true are near.

Only I can hold myself back
if I stray off this positive track,
but there is a new me, different to the me of old,
I have started a journey - and amazed -
I follow and watch my journey unfold.

For I am going somewhere I have never been,
and my mind is unlocking things previously unseen,
from negative entrapment I am breaking free,
now is the time for discovering the true and inner me.

Focused and happy my journey feels right,
like my spirit has grown wings, and to a higher level takes flight,
everything for me is starting to click into place,
I no longer rush life by, at such a fast pace.

For whatever life throws at me, I know i'll survive it,
and I will continue my journey, until it reaches mortal end,
where I know - on a higher plane -
my journey will begin again.

Written 14/07/04, by Liz Munro.

Continuing the Journey

Along my Journey,
I've met people wise and spiritual,
and their words I should listen to
as they are deep and meaningful.

Yet, my spirit has been weighed down -
with other people's negative crap,
but with positive energy -
I am fighting the black tide back.

It is my ego controlling,
if I am angry with anyone,
just breathe and let it all go,
focus on my centre,
don't fight - just swim with the flow.

eyes that were clouded -
with impenetrable mist,
are once again bright and clear,
and more of my dreams close to coming true are near.

Each persons Journey is their own and unique,
there is no right or wrong, failure or success,
as each of us tries,
to only give our best.

And although we all stumble and trip,
by the wayside and occasionally fall,
the negative thoughts can block you from rising,
it is these times when not giving up,
is the hardest bit of all.


A new stage of my Journey begins.

A new stage of my Journey is about to begin,
filled with hope and love,
and testing times there will be too,
but i know that I will pass these tests,
that are set for me from you.

Because I now believe in myself more,
I will not let your disbelief in my ability,
hold me back from walking through
The Dreams Coming True door.

So to your negativity I say goodbye,
I know that you love me,
but THIS is MY year,
to spread my wings and finally fly.


Poetry by liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2007-03-08 at 10:58

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