I thought this fitting for my maiden post, I discovered this site on facebook. Humour and writing are theraputic for me, and have dragged me from many a dark place. I hope this puts a smile on some faces. I am very new to publicly posting my work, so go e

Ode to facebook.

Checking on my emails one day,
I get this invite, yeah ok,
I got a new profile, take a look,
Come check out the new infamous facebook!

So I click the link, and here I am,
In the world of never ending spam.
I look for old classmates, find a few,
Check their lists, find another two...

Before I know it, it's 3am,
But the next day here I am again,
Stuck in this vouyeristic trap,
Check out this pic, another app..

I see old Suzie's hit the skids,
Geoff is married with three kids.
Sleep it seems is over rated,
Bob is in a relationship, it's complicated!

Three friends think my profile is boring,
Why am I still here, I should be snoring!
Get free chips here! I play some poker,
Someone sends me a 3 paper toker.

Next I get another game invite,
Of course I accept, it's just polite!
The numbers of my mob increase,
I can hit them all and still be a fan of peace!

I can save the ocean, Oh I wish!
By clicking on a picture of a make believe fish,
Save the rainforest, feed the needy,
I do believe Sams blue cove is weedy...

A friend has sent me a naughty drink,
I'll need much more than that I think.
But it is by my own choice I'm hurled,
Into this highly addictive, virtual world.

There is much more to facebook it seems,
It can be a place to share your dreams.
Show off your kids, add a personal note,
Then bubble wrap your mates with superpoke!

No matter what you use it for,
Facebook is a universal open door.
To countless adventures on the world wide web,
What! It's 4am, SHIT! I'm going to bed!


Poetry by Purple Phoenix
Read 616 times
Written on 2009-01-16 at 04:03

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Dee Daffodil
LOL...I don't know how I missed this superb piece before... Awesome !! It says it all ! I, use mine to show of family and vacation pics, to keep in touch with buddies far and near, and to while away the hours playing Lexulous or Chess, or perhaps the occasional jigsaw puzzle. Facebook is great, as long as we view it as entertainment. :-) Nicely written, loved the sense of humour !

I love it! Every line rings true, and every verse gets a smile of recognition from me :-)

I have heard so much about facebook and never ventured there. Friends have ask me and I just didn't want to go. Thanks for sharing this, now I know I don't want to be there. Loved this and had fun viewing it.

this made me laugh!!

LOL! Sooooo true!!!!
This text made me chuckle a lot.
Welcome on the bay, Purple Phoenix!

Thomas Perdue The PoetBay support member heart!
i love facebook, i've been on there for some time, but only recently became addicted to it, oddly enough...

i'm glad to see the group is attracting new members to poetbay. :-)

welcome to poetbay!

Purple Phoenix
Hey thanks! I laughed my head off while writing it, at myself of course!

Haha. This is hilarious - I loved it.
Ever since I joined facebook I've been addicted. It's quite the epidemic. You hear kids talking, 'No no don't worry about calling me. I'll facebook you'.