what could be seen through the window-glass and everywhere

their bodies
wave bemusedly in the sun
as they wonder

-when did we get so

they look
at their companions and realize
everyone is tired

it is time to let go

-time to fly-

spiraling down
rusty flecks against a blue backdrop
a moment's cold glory

after a lifetime of thankless work

in their youth they
labored hard
sustaining life and
providing shelter

now they drift in a dream
to the dark damp earth
on wings of amber and frost

to sleep
in peace

at last, at last at rest

Words by protean
Read 490 times
Written on 2009-11-15 at 18:42

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Obese Caterpillar
I really like the rhythm of this poem as well
the more I read this, the more I think it sounds so beautiful
I honestly don't know what it is, but it just seems like there is so much in this poem-- I don't know what it is, but it is really AWESEOME! I like the last line a lot... "at last, at last, at

Really, really, really, unbelievably
Evoking and
So brilliantly composed
To move and lead you down to rest.

Peter Humphreys The PoetBay support member heart!
In form, rhythm, warmth and retrained emotion, this is such a fine poem. Peter

reading this beautiful poem, was like watching two feathers fluttering down to earth, in the most graceful way...birds of a feather do this, as do lovers...

such a peaceful poem.

At last, indeed.

Smiling at you