Human Pollution

I'd like to tell you that your foul
But I've gathered that you know.
Your kind is to be feared, with no conscience, and no soul.
You've proven yourself fallible,
And malleable, and fake.
But thinking your above it all was the worst of your mistakes.

Your life is false and drenched with lies
Truth doesn't know your name
Sad to see you crash and burn and still not feel the shame

It is flattering to be your archetype
You're a counterfeit, a mock
You clam to be original, yet jails keeps frauds like you in stock

I'd hope someday you'd see the way
And bit your tongue for good
But you've never been the kind to do, the things you know you should.

Poetry by ashley honig
Read 439 times
Written on 2012-11-20 at 20:05

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Ferenc Inigo Beck
This one stings.
Nicely done.