Against God

Man, in his natural state,
A place of survival, not malice.
A time in which man,
Functioned in alignment with nature
Not in defiance of it.
Rebelling against it
Against God.

Before we separated ourselves
From the changing of the seasons
Like we were more than the animals
We were created to be.
But we are organic beings
Despite these fraudulent forms
We maintain

Instinct, still smoldering,
Beneath our skin, at our core.
In a space which,
Is the origin of all we are.
Continually igniting
Like a phoenix
Into life.

There are things you cannot escape
Acts of God, creation,
Not easily eluded or ignored.
By any name, they are fate.
And fate, by any name
Is not kind, to our kind.
Yet it remains.

Poetry by ashley honig
Read 692 times
Written on 2013-12-24 at 06:37

Tags Life  Man  Nature 

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Very nicely composed and rings with truth.

This resonates with me, especially the second stanza which says so well something I have come to believe, how much of our unhappiness comes from that separation of ourselves from Nature and from our own nature and instincts that are still encoded in us, try as we may to ignore them.