The Spark

Divinity, tearing thru these veins
An energy older than the concept of time
Something neither created or conjured
Yet it is?

Existence, is a painful question
Of the dreamer or the dream
Because our predecessors owned no image
And left no family tree

But there was a first and a second
Who walked with our faces
Who bled our blood
They alone know our father

And whether you believe
In a Holy ghost
Or a cosmic flare
We have an origin
We began

And our existence is spectacular
To be given the gift of life
Bestowed upon us
The extraordinary impulse to breath
To beat, to thrive.

Funded and fueled by a soul
Recycled or new
With a will, A choice, a mind
With freedom and fears
That compel us

We are an extension
Of the original
An authentic fragment
Of the catalyst
That ignited mankind

We are without prejudice

Poetry by ashley honig
Read 551 times
Written on 2014-04-13 at 07:21

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'If I had been nothing then what I could have been?' A question if understood opens up answers to everything!
A very thought provoking poem!