Articulated thought on more than just 'writers block.'

orphaned pages

Expatriated.... silence swallows whole,
enunciated expression:
Fists pummel at an empty sky.
A voiceless scream tears anaesthetised night.

Who needs gravitas,
what piety awards accolades;
why strike a solemn clarion
where dignity and virtue fail to roam,
when last breathe approaches?
How can we repatriate orphan, edulcerate elocution?

Poetry by arquious
Read 375 times
Written on 2015-02-08 at 10:16

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Karl Johan Lindrup Olesen
This poem I read several times - really nice written.
Karl Johan

Ashe The PoetBay support member heart!
This is the most passionate requiem for the frustration of temporary failure of words that I have read. The last stanza holds so much more than simple frustration. The last stanza is pure magic and emotion. Your poetry makes one read it over and over, and makes one think deep into its meaning. Much more than just, "writers block." It seems to be the desire to articulate so much more. I don't have the words at this moment either. :-)