Locked Heart

He knocked gently upon my door.
I walked hesitantly across the floor.
"Open your heart," he did implore.
I did and, then, he was no more.

Like a whisper in the wildest wind,
he left me silent from beginning to end.
I thought he was my loving friend
but he was only, "Just Pretend."

Now my heart is closed and sealed,
locked and bounded up to heal,
closed forever, unwilling to feel,
never knowing a love that's real.

A moth drawn to flickering flame
has no one else but itself to blame.
For playing with fire like a game,
wings will burn to cinders of shame.

Do not come knocking at my door.
I will not walk across that floor.
For anyone who may implore,
I'm not answering anymore.

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 551 times
Written on 2006-05-20 at 08:11

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Strong write, sad read, enjoyed it

excellent... i was reading nep's (i'm not going to attempt to spell his name lol, at the risk of messing it all up) owed to a moth and i wanted to see where it came from... and i see why he was drawn to this write... love it, love it :)

Amanda K
it's ok.we do learn from our mischieves. i suggest u open the door to new comers who keep their oaths but never lock it 4ever.


Malin Johansson
Its hard when we put our hearts out there, and then it gets hurt... you describe that feeling of not wanting to be put out there again so good and well... Nice poem Kathy:))

Zoya Zaidi
Yes, when that heart is broken,
And our faith is really shaken,
And we are in the end forsaken,
Our heart to this reality awakens:
There no love that is betoken.
We decide to lock it up as a token,
Of a love that was mistaken!

((((A locked heart is so much safer))))((((Till we open and expose it again))))
love,xx, Zoya

This would make wonderful song lyrics! Beautifully expressed, Kathy!

WOW KATHY that was fantastic,I loved every stanza.you got a wonderful gift ,huggs u me

Onyeka Nwelue
Sometimes I begin to wonder why some female Heaneys should be in this site...although God destined them to show us their poems for FREE...

This is extremely beautiful.

A lovely write Kathy especially the second and last stanza's.